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Defence Against 4 Online Threats

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As parents, we don't want to hold our children back from exploring the internet - it offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. However, it is important to be aware of online threats, and know how to protect your child against these threats.

Graphic and Inappropriate Content

Search is how we navigate our way through the infinite information across the web. As soon as children learn to spell, they are able to search. An innocent search-term has the potential to serve up content which is damaging - from porn and hate speech, to violence. Search engines like Google have a 'safe search' setting, but ultimately, sinister images can still sneak through. Lighthouse is engineered to be able to detect and block images and content before your child even sees them. This allows you to give your child freedom, without the risk of exposure to unsuitable images.


Playground bullying has always been an issue. In an online world, social media and chat have become new spaces for peer-to-peer intimidation and humiliation. One of the biggest problems with cyberbullying is that it is often conducted in Direct Messages and Chat Groups, out of sight of parents and teachers. Experts advise that a sudden change in your child's demeanor could be a sign - they may seem withdrawn, anxious or angry. Kids often won't share what is happening out of fear of having their device confiscated, or losing friends. Communication is key. Chat to your child about Cyberbullying, ask them if they know what it is, and that you are there to chat about it should they ever become a victim to it. If they have been affected (statistically 43% of kids 13-17 have been in the last year), take screenshots as evidence, and report the actual attacks on the platform. Speak to your child's school about their cyberbullying policy, and take the suggested steps to protect your child from their attacker in the future. Remember, rebuilding your child's confidence and working through the trauma is paramount.

Online Predators

While the internet is an excellent place to find and engage with people with similar interests, these same online spaces may be used as an 'in' by predators who prey on the naivety of children, and curiosity of teens. Social Media, gaming and forums may expose your child to meeting strangers online. Give your child a few guardrails to guide them in these cyber spaces; like being weary of people who want lots of information or images, to never divulge their address or school, and to let you know if someone does break one of the rules you've set together. Read our article about setting up your family's internet rules.

Dangerous Online Challenges

Over the years, the internet has dreamt up some wild challenges - most are harmless and fun. Like the Mannequin Challenge - which got groups of people to freeze like mannequins while a camera filmed the stunt. Other challenges have turned out to be more dangerous, with the potential of being deadly. The Cinnamon Challenge - consuming a teaspoon of Cinnamon - has had medical experts warning people against doing this as it could cause a lung to collapse. Get your child to involve you in the fun by being the camera person, that way you can ensure your child is always partaking in only safe challenges under your supervision.

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