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A New Approach to School Internet Protection

Internet and schooling are integrated

In a world where technology and the internet are integral to education, ensuring the protection of our children online is of utmost importance.

Increased access comes with an increased risk of exposure to inappropriate content

With access to an endless amount of information comes the risk of exposure to inappropriate content. This type of content cannot be unseen.

There are often gaps in traditional network protection solutions

While traditional filters work by categorising websites and pages based on keywords, context, or other commonalities between websites and applications, they often fail to pick up on inappropriate content that appears on websites marked as "safe".

Introducing Lighthouse School Protection

A fully managed network protection service that uses AI to dynamically analyse and block inappropriate visual content within browsers in real-time.


Protects within most commonly used browsers, search engines and even uncategorised or falsely categorised websites.


Fully managed service.

Assisted training offered upfront. Our solution seamlessly integrates with major firewalls or web filtering configurations.


Works on most commonly used devices.

Devices ranging from tablets to laptops, desktops and mobile phones are protected once connected to your school's network.



View protection and image blocking statistics within your Lighthouse administrative dashboard.


Assisted installation.

No overly complicated configuration or setup process required. We will help you install Lighthouse into your existing School's network.


Privacy Matters

At Lighthouse, we prioritise your privacy. Our parental control and child apps comply with strict data protection protocols. All processing of personal information is subject to our comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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